Micronutrients in Horticulture

Micronutrient disorders are, perhaps, the most common fertility problem in horticulture crop production. Even small variations from the optimum level required for plant growth can be damaging. By the same token, levels slightly above the required for good growth can be toxic. Therefore it is very important for growers to have a clear understanding about micronutrient management to maintain a proper balance of micronutrients in the production systems.A small investment in supplementing the deficient micronutrients yields very large benefits both in terms of yield and marketable quality of produce. This project aims at addressing the issues involved in micronutrient related production constraints and how to correct imbalances.

Management & Solutions

The project aims at delineation of crop boundaries of micronutrient deficient areas using district maps, attempt to develop a rapid mass diagnostic method for testing of plant samples. Management options will be worked out to enhance yield and quality along with mineral content of fruits and vegetables.  Finally the project aims at developing crop specific and region specific designer formulations for soil and foliar applications. At the end of the project period we will be able to provide solutions to micronutrient related problems of horticultural crops.


Micronutrient deficiencies

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